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Hair transplantation with FUE and SHE hair transplant method - Hungary

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On our consultations we await our clients with the best of our expertise in order to find the best solution for them. Apart from this, we are proud that two of Hungary's most well-known master hairdressers, Zsidró Tamás and Hajas László find HIMG to be the best hair implantation clinic in Hungary.

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Why choose HIMG Clinic?

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Hair implantation and Hair Therapy Clinic

HIMG Hair Transplant Clinic

Hungary's No. 1 hair implantation clinic

In May, 2014 HIMG Clinic opened its newest institute in the heart of district 13. The clinic was built in accordance with the most modern international standards. On more than 500 squaremeters 3 surgeries and 1 large operating room await our clients. Thus, the institute has become the greatest and most modern hair transplantation centre in the country. The modern building and assets make it possible for us to serve our clients in a pleasant environment and at the highest level.

HIMG implements professional hair implantation with FUE, FUE Safe System and the modern SHE methods.

Due to the modern techniques and the expertise of our surgeons the best hair implantation of our day is available to You. A natural and aesthetic result can be achieved with the help of our methods, which provides our clients maximal satisfaction.

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Know more about our hair implantation methods!

 FUE hajbeültetés

The follicular unit extraction (FUE) hair transplantation method is one of the most modern transplantation techniques today, which is often called single hair transplantation. During the intervention thousands of hairs are relocated, along with the follicles, to the areas of hair deficiency.

 FUE Safe
                                System Hajbeültetés
F.U.E. Safe System hair implantation

An improved version of the F.U.E method. During the procedure the removed hair follicles are kept in a special liquid until implantation, thus ensuring that every hair remains intact. Furthermore, the method enables a more faster and effective transplantation and it is also less painful.

 S.H.E. Hajbeültetés

In Hungary, our clinic was the first to introduce the Zero Touch Method (Z.T.M.) and the new Single Hair Extraction (S.H.E.) method, which is based on FUE. The S.H.E. hair transplantation technique provides damage-free extraction of follicles due to the use of needles that are even smaller than those used with FUE.

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VIP Hair implantation

Hair transplantation up to 4.000 hairs a day within one day!

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